So what exactly qualifies Providence Paint Company to be project coordinators? As managing sub-contractors, we are committed to:

  • Understanding, negotiating, and meeting the needs and demands of various sub-contractors
  •  Coordinating all aspects of the logistics and deadlines of a project
  • Guiding a large scale project towards its satisfactory and timely completion.

Our qualifications

Providing Leadership

Project Coordinators

Our work: Piedmont Medical Center

​Providence Paint Company has completed over 5,000 projects. These thousands of opportunities to perfect our own process while networking and collaborating with countless contractors have given Providence Paint Company a unique ability- the ability to lead, manage, and coordinate a project.

Providence Paint Company knows more than just paint, and we function as more than just another sub-contractor.

Our wide range of experience in the construction industry gives us the insight and skill set of qualified project managers. We are able to see the bigger picture, take charge, and provide leadership.

From architects to plumbers and carpenters to electricians, Providence Paint Company is equipped and qualified to coordinate and manage the team of contractors involved in a project.

Located in Rock Hill, South Carolina, Piedmont Medical Center is a state of the art medical facility undergoing renovation in many of its buildings and departments. With more than twenty-five separate projects, (many occurring simultaneously) each demanding unique attention, up to five sub-contractors, and overlapping schedules and deadlines, the coordination and management of this project is an excellent example of Providence Paint Company's qualified leadership.

We are proud of our partnership and teamwork with the many contractors and representatives that make projects like this possible and we believe that Providence Paint Company's relationship with the team at Piedmont Medical Center demonstrates the quality of our work as project coordinators.

But most of all, we believe that our integrity and dedication to personal relationships with teams of sub-contractors such as the architectural and engineering team at Piedmont is what allows us to successfully manage projects.